Sunday, June 12, 2011

Your Forever - Part 3

And let me tell you, Grace is a good and beautiful master.

His love heals and his hope reigns. He speaks the truth and the truth is what sets you free. He gives you enough room to breathe, allowing you to stand on your own two feet. But picking you up when you fall. Again and again.

He never leaves and will never forsake you. Blessing you when you least expect it and surprising you with his forgiveness. There is no way you can escape him. But you don't need to.

Alone, you are helpless, hopeless. Weighed down by fear of past mistakes. Even in this, he will guide you. Because this is your gift -your forever. You made your choice long ago and you still deserve the consequences of your mistakes. Because Sin is an evil and disgusting master. But you no longer have to follow him. 

In Grace you are free! I would know, because so am I.

"For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace."- Romans 6:14

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your Forever - Part 2

I know a secret. Listen closely and I'll tell you. 

Though Sin is your master and there is no possible way you can escape his chains on your own, there is a way. The Way. One way that changes everything. Summed up in a single, small word that means the world. That could become your new forever. 


Amazing, surprising, irresistible Grace. Saving Grace.

Perfection paid the price that Sin was asking. Blood was shed and death was conquered to make way for life -your life. Life that is free from the disgusting evil that once held you captive. You have been given the key to your chains and it comes at no cost to you. 

You do not deserve this. You deserve what Sin offers, because you already chose that. But now you have another choice. An important one. You have the opportunity to accept a new life, to accept a new master. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Forever - Part 1

Sin is an evil and disgusting master. Believe me, I would know.

His looks deceive and his voice entices. He feeds you lines you want to hear and fools even the brightest of them all with his lies. He gives you just enough room to breathe, making you think he's gone and then he takes over again. And again.

He never leaves. Following you at all times, sneaking up on you when least expected. When you think you're getting somewhere, he surprises you with new chains. There is no way you can escape him.

You are helpless, hopeless. Weighed down by fear and the looming truth that death is surely coming. But even there, he will guide you. Because this is your curse -your forever. You made your choice long ago and you deserve the consequences of your mistakes. Because Sin is an evil and disgusting master. And you... well, you follow him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Summer

Dear Summer, 
When I graduated last May, I had super high hopes for our friendship. We've always been close and I was ready to create even more memories together. And with the throw of my cap, two months in Slovenia, and plenty of time in the sun we did just that. But that was last year...

This year, I thought things between us would be different. Let's face it, I'm growing up and I was afraid that with that truth the time was coming when the office would take the place of the pool and I'd trade in my flip flops for some heels. And maybe that day is coming, but I'm not ready to let go just yet.

I may be in the "real world" now, but I wanted to let you know I'm still open to our adventures. I love eating ice cream with you -sitting outside, taking in the smells of freshly cut grass and backyard barbecues. I'm ready for the fireworks and road trips. Please work your free-spirited magic on the weather and I'll bring lots of sunscreen.

Thanks for sticking with me through the years. I'm excited to see you again soon!

Stay cool as always,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

If You Were My Happy

Sorry about not posting anything recently. I'll blog sometime soon, I promise. Until then, here's an old poem I wrote. Enjoy!

If you were my king
And I was your queen
We could be happy
Just do as we please
All of the world
Would be ours to hold
Best of all
We'd never be alone

You'd be the moon in the night
And I'd be the stars
We'd be shining so bright
As we drifted afar
I'd be the ocean
You'd be my shore
With the tide coming in
We'd be hard to ignore

And I'd be the gold
At the end of your rainbow
You'd be the horizon
Down my country road
Together we'd make
The perfect picture
Hanging forever
On the wall in our home

If you were my king
And I was queen
We could be

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm the One Who...

-brings a to-go cup of soup to work almost every day just because I'm lazy.
-thinks Disney Channel is normally the best thing on TV... and is not afraid to admit it.
-knows a Czech Superstar (that's right, Noah Ellenwood!)
-loses MarioKart races to 5 year olds.
-reads bits and pieces of 10 different books before actually finishing one.
-is known to be organized even though my room is always a mess.
-likes to stay up late unless I have to.
-enjoys taking personality tests for fun, but hates being put in a box.
-really wants to read Tara Leigh Cobble's second book.
-draws hearts and stars all over notepads while on the phone or skype.
-is extremely proud of the fact that I've never had wisdom teeth. (My dentist says that makes me more highly evolved. Haha!)
-hopes Walmart will help bring Magnums to the States.
-could care less about doughnuts as long as I can eat bagels.
-doesn't like to cook because I don't like to clean up afterwards.
-has more friends in other states and countries than acquaintances in IL. (At least that's what it feels like!)
-one time hula hooped for an hour straight.
-prefers water over almost any other drink.
-only sings when alone.
-is still super psyched that I have my own car!
-uses : ) and ; ) too often on chat just so people know when I'm joking.
-always wants to travel, even while I'm traveling.
-sits cross-legged whenever possible -it's more comfortable, I'm telling you.
-has a bulletin board in my room completely dedicated to Europe.
-loves living close to a big city.

Who are you?

~Also, a big thanks to Jenny B. Jones. I totally stole the idea for this list from her!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Funnel Effect

"Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity." - Paul bragging about the Macedonian churches (2 Corinthians 8:2)

Considering all of the what ifs in life, I have never been through any trials I would dare call "severe." Not that my life has been a walk in the park -there have definitely been times when I've at least jogged- but when I look around at all the things other people deal with, I know I've been protected from a lot of pain and hardship. 

And as much as I think and worry about money, I am far from living in "extreme poverty." I am the first to admit that I don't even understand what that phrase means. While I sit here in my comfy room with all of my unnecessary books and clothing, with a newly purchased car sitting in my driveway and an almost completely paid for college degree on my wall, I am well aware that my life is more in the category of "extreme blessing." 

I've heard it said many times that because of what I have I should give -that God has given me so much so that I can give to others. It's a lot less often that I hear we should give out of what we don't have. 

Yet this is what the Macedonian church did. Their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. This church didn't have the blessing of a cushioned life like I have. They were in the midst of trouble and were deeply struggling. But when they heard of a need, they were happy to give what they could -more than what they could -to help their brothers in Christ out. 

And this church's example has me amazed these days. It has me wondering whether giving what we don't need away is really giving much at all. It has me slowly shifting my thinking. 

Rich generosity is more than an overflowing cup of blessings where I keep what's in the cup and others get the extra. Instead, it's more like a funnel where gifts flow through my life and are passed on to others. 

The Macedonians taught me that. Now I just pray that I can live it out.